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There shall be five types of Membership: Full Member, Affiliate Member, Corporate Member, Honorary Member, and Lifetime Member. To qualify for any of the types of membership, the applicant: Shall not have been convicted of or found guilty by any Federal, State, or County court of a felony crime, any misdemeanor crime involving sexual or moral misconduct, or for the violation of the civil rights of any person. (Any other convictions will be subject to review before approval by the Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the BOD.

1. Shall not have been found guilty, or plead guilty, of in any court, labor hearing, or administrative hearing for violation of the civil rights of any person and/or found guilty of any allegation, which is deemed by the Board of Directors to be injurious, or to be likely to discredit the polygraph profession.

2. Shall meet all of the qualifications for the categories of membership listed below.

3. Shall submit a written application to the Board of Directors, which requires a simple majority for approval.

Full Member

To qualify for this category, the applicant must hold a current and valid Illinois Detection of Deception Examiner's license, which is in good standing with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation or be employed within the State of Illinois, as a Certified Federal Polygraph Examiner.

Affiliate Member

The Affiliate Member applicant must possess a sincere interest in the polygraph field and may include representatives of polygraph instrument manufacturers, persons involved in the research of polygraph instrumentation and techniques, and any other persons who are approved by the Board of Directors as having a valid or professional interest in the polygraph profession. Any applicant who is a polygraph examiner but does not possess the qualifications for Full Membership will fall into this category. Corporate Membership

Applicants for Corporate Membership must be persons from corporations. associations and organizations who wish to support the Illinois Polygraph Society and its goals.

Honorary Membership

Once each year, the Board of Directors may consider the name of one person who has rendered distinguished service and support to the polygraph profession, to the membership for their approval to bestow this honorary award. Such member shall pay no annual dues and have no voting rights unless already established as a Full Member.

Lifetime Membership

Each year, the Board of Directors may consider the name of a single IPS member to the general membership for the honor of Life Membership. A Life Member is a person who has rendered outstanding service to the Illinois Polygraph Society and who has contributed exemplary support to the polygraph profession. The Life Member will be recognized as a Full Member and shall not be assessed annual dues or seminar registration fees. Life Members have the right to vote in all matters of IPS business and are eligible to hold any appointed or elected office.


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